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Visiting Onsite Gallery – A Magical Experience

Visiting Onsite Gallery – A Magical Experience
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The first time I visited Onsite Gallery a few years ago, left a lasting impression on me and that impression has grown over the years as I returned for further visits. Arriving at the Gallery I was welcomed warmly by the staff, Phyll, Michiel, Philien and Farida, and assured that should I have any questions they were very happy to help.

I was encouraged to take my time wandering leisurely amongst the wonderful pieces of vintage and antique furniture, architectural objects and many collectables on display. I was entranced by the vast array of eclectic items that just seems to fit together. I was intrigued to see how antiques and mid-century pieces could harmoniously sit side-by-side. Onsite’s Stylist, Michiel, is a magician in that respect.

I could not stop myself running my hands over the aged surfaces of the wood and leather goods, feeling the rough texture that only time and regular use can create. I adore aged furniture, especially rustic, farmhouse-style simple, but beautifully crafted, items that have clearly been enjoyed over time. There is something magical about wood in particular.

Chairs are a favourite item of furniture of mine and so I indulged myself by sitting for a few moments in various, clearly very old, wooden chairs imported from Europe. While sitting, I pondered their history, wondering who had owned them and who crafted them. I have always been interested in history, so being up close to pieces that date back to William of Orange and Tudor times was a treat and sent my imagination off on a journey into the medieval past.

Every corner I peeked into, had something beautiful, intriguing, or truly unique to enjoy. The atmosphere in the Gallery was relaxed and the laid-back music playing in the background just added to my sense of relaxation as I strolled around.

Owner, David Bell, has created something truly special, that is definitely worth a visit. Will I be returning soon to see the latest imported treasures? Absolutely!

Photo: Linda enjoying a moment at Onsite Gallery..

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