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Exciting New Stock from Europe

Exciting New Stock from Europe

The early morning arrival of a container filled with stock sourced in Europe is always an exciting moment for the Onsite team. The day of delivery can be both thrilling as well as rather stressful as they unpack and sort items as quickly as possible, without damaging any precious cargo. The work of deciding what to place on the Gallery floor and what needs to go to the restoration team for some TLC adds another dimension.

The initial result though is worth all the hard work as the Gallery comes to life with a different energy and appeal. Each piece adds a new dimension to the overall feel and atmosphere of Onsite’s tradition of creating an eclectic style that brings surprises throughout the two floors of Gallery space. The new pieces cover a range of decor design styles, including Victorian, French country, provincial Oriental, Mid Century, Art Deco and organic items.

Do come and visit the Gallery – although we are still unpacking and sorting, there are many beautiful new items on the floor for you to enjoy. Here is a very small selection to whet your appetite:





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