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My most favourite pieces at Onsite Gallery

My most favourite pieces at Onsite Gallery
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My most favourite pieces at Onsite Gallery…

As I walk through the gallery touching each item, feeling the edges of tables, cupboards and chairs worn smooth by time and continued use, I realise how I am, how we all are, in love with the history, the energetic frequency and the total honesty of our pieces. In awe of craftsmanship and the preservation thereof and the considered respect for wood – forever living.

In the pre-industrial era, woods used were those that grew naturally where they were harvested and milled. Woods such as pine, oak, hickory, walnut, cedar and juniper.

Oak was a popular wood used for the carcass and drawer linings of furniture in the Georgian era and made a revival in late Victorian times.

Oak is definitely one of my favourite woods, lending itself to bleaching and lightening with the most gorgeous results.

For this article, I will concentrate on functionality and rudimentary design.

The late 1700 and early 1800 coffers below are a prime example of the above. One can see and almost feel the full intent of these amazing pieces. Once placed in our client’s homes, they excel in the grounding and the gathering together of all styles in sublime harmony.

Be a part of our nostalgic journey into the past, come and experience first-hand the beautifully crafted items we are privileged to source from around the world.

See you soon!


Author: Phyll McNeil, Onsite Gallery, Cape Town

Phyll taking a moment with Polly (Onsite’s resident doggy) to enjoy the beautiful pieces in the Gallery.

Below: Examples of a beautiful antique Coffer and Chair to be found at Onsite Gallery and how various elements can be brought together in harmony.





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