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A Peek Into The Gallery

A Peek Into The Gallery
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Over the years, David Bell, owner of Onsite Gallery, has gained a reputation for sourcing truly beautiful items from various countries including Argentina, France, Belgium, Asia and the UK, as well as locally around South Africa.

The eclectic mix of ages, styles, colours and textures brought together in a most unexpected, yet harmonious fashion are the Gallery’s trademark. You may be assured of discovering pieces that are functional, wonderfully unique, unusual and combined in a way that makes one reconsider how to define “style”.

The Gallery employs a distinctive manner of creative expression, blending architectural items of large proportions with finely crafted antique and vintage furniture, impressive chandeliers and all manner of eclectic items discovered in small country markets and the dark recesses of long-forgotten storerooms and French and English barns.

Many wonderful items found in dreadful condition, have been lovingly brought back to life by the multi-talented restoration team. They can sense something magical hidden beneath the often decades of grime and painstakingly clean and repair to restore each piece. Only then may the item grace the Gallery floor.

This unique way of presenting and combining décor items creates a magical experience for anyone visiting the Gallery. It invites one to be adventurous with décor, to try something new, and to just have fun!

Here is a peek into the Gallery… do come and visit as the collection is constantly changing as pieces are purchased and new items are brought in to replace them.





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