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Fabulous Architectural Styles – Part 2

Fabulous Architectural Styles – Part 2

Fabulous Architectural Styles – Part 2 – as Experienced by David Bell on a recent buying trip through the UK, Belgium and France.

French Baroque Architecture, France

Anyone with an appreciation of architectural styles who has visited the Palace of Versailles would agree that its no-expense-spared opulence and grandeur is something not to be forgotten.

The scale of the buildings, gardens and glittering interiors are some of the most impressive examples of Baroque style in the world. The Palace unfolded in stages over a mind-boggling 54-year period during the 1600’s and has since undergone many renovations.

Commissioned by Louis XIV, dubbed as the “Sun King”, the unbelievably extravagant cost of the buildings and surrounding gardens & water features, interior décor & furnishings originally decorated with genuine gold, gigantic tapestries and artworks are almost impossible to calculate. For the most part, only French artisans were employed on this mammoth project, which truly is an architectural inspiration and a testament to French Baroque style.



Baroque – Hall of Mirrors, Palace of Versailles

The grandiose 73m long Baroque style Hall of Mirrors in the Palace of Versailles is a masterpiece of suspended crystal chandeliers, 17 windows facing 17 equally large mirrors, lavishly gilded bronze décor, Greek and Roman inspired marble busts and priceless artworks on the vaulted ceilings, depicting the glorious reign of Louis XIV, the Sun King.

This was a room designed to create an ostentatious statement about the political power of France at the time.

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