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Cape Town Celebrates

Cape Town Celebrates
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Cape Town Celebrates

As a nation, South African’s know how to celebrate when the occasion presents and Friday 3rd November was no exception! Onsite Gallery was thrilled to be on the designated route through the Mother City for the Springboks’ Rugby World Cup Champions victory parade; and what a celebration it was!

The excitement had been building for days leading up to the parade when the citizens of Cape Town would be able to show their love and appreciation to their beloved Bokke. The day arrived and the anticipation kept rising with more and more people taking to the streets proudly wearing green & gold and waving the national flag.

The joyous occasion brought people together in a way that only such a sporting event can. The troubling times of the past few years were put aside as people hugged, laughed and danced together as one nation. When the green bus came into view the cheering was deafening and there was no doubt that the Boks were enjoying every moment as well.

Thank you Bokke for giving us a reason to raise our voices as we celebrated with you!


Here are a few photos from the day’s festivities:



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